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Our web hosting packages offer a complete all-in-one hosting solution. Our hosting plans are great for individuals, families and businesses!


$5/mth Starter Plan - 1 Year
It is ideal for students or individuals who wish to setup a personal website or a family home page. It is cost effective, low-risk and yet allows you the personal freedom to create an online home for yourself and your loved ones. Our Starter Plan would be an excellent starting point for you!

$10/mth Economy Plan - 1 Year
If you belong to a small business and hope to test the immense benefits of making a strong online presence in your marketing strategy, then our Economy Plan is more suitable for your company’s needs and at an affordable price.

$10/mth SME Plan (Small & Medium Enterprise Plan) - 1 Year  |  2 Year
It offers many of our most popular features without a high price tag. It takes the great features of our Economy plan one step higher by providing great additional features along with the space to run a bigger and more resource intensive website.

/mth Business Plan - 1 Year  |  2 Year
Offering a great range of features at a great price,  the Business Plan fits the needs of cutting-edge companies looking for a professional web presence. With a bigger disk space and a free domain name, it just gets bigger and better.

$30/mth Enterprise Plan - 1 Year  |  2 Year
Our Enterprise Hosting Plan is suited for medium-sized to large businesses. It offers the hosting and email power required by corporate customer. Combining great features at a fraction of the cost!

Package type Starter Plan Economy Plan SME Plan Business Plan Enterprise Plan

Space and Transfer
Web Space 30MB 150MB 500MB 1500MB 2500MB
Email Space 20MB 150MB 500MB 1500MB 2500MB
Data Transfer Un-metered

Email Accounts 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited



Built-in -
SPAM Filter

Built-in -
Virus Scan

Fortigate Unit -
Anti-Spam/ Anti-Virus Service

optional# optional# optional# optional#
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5 pages Web Design
 In HTML x x
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OS Commerce
Shopping Cart x x

Content Management x x

24/7 FTP Access

Value-Added Features
PHP/ Perl
JSP x x
optional* optional*
ASP.Net 1.1/2.0
MS Access/
ODBC Support
optional*** optional***

MS FP Extension 2000/2002

ColdFusion 4.1+ x x
Web Stats

Setup charge - - $50



1-Year Contract $60 =
$5 x 12
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$120 =
$10 x 12
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$180 =
$15 x 12
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$300 =
$25 x 12
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$420 =
$35 x 12
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2-Year Contract - - $240 =
$10 x 24

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$480 =
$20 x 24
 Setup Waived
1 Free Domain
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$720 =
$30 x 24
 Setup Waived
1 Free Domain
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1 free MySQL database for SME Plan
2 free MySQL database for Business Plan
3 free MySQL database for Enterprise Plan
S$25.00 per year

1 Free Domain Name (.com, .net, .org domain)**
Free for Business and Enterprise Plan with 2-year subscription only!

MS Access / ODBC Support***
1 free DSN for SME Plan
2 free DSN for Business Plan
3 free DSN for Enterprise Plan
S$25.00 per year

Fortigate Unit - Enhanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Service #
S$50.00 One-time setup charge Only [more]

.COM.SG Domain Name
S$39.00 for 1-year

.COM Domain Name
S$30.00 for 1-year
S$45.00 for 2-year

Domain Name
S$35.00 for 1-year
S$50.00 for 2-year

Sub-domains (e.g. abc.yourdomain.com)

S$25.00 per sub-domain (one-time charge)

Domain Name Parking Service (Support URL Forwarding)
S$25.00 (One-time setup charge)

MS SQL 2000

S$50.00 per month (minimum 1-year) + S$50.00 SQL Client License Fee (one-time charge)
Include 250MB MS SQL Server storage space

Customer are required to communicate with our SQL server through their Enterprise Manager.

SSL Encryption
(Your Own Certificate)
Installation fee: S$50.00  / one-time charge
& 1 Unique IP S$10.00 / month

OS Commerce and Joomla

Free installation for SME, Business and Enterprise Plan subscribers only!

Payment Gateway

Setup Fee (non refundable): S$250
Annual Fee (Includes 3 free currencies): S$650
Credit Cards ( per transaction): 4.5%
WorldAlert Transaction Charge: S$0.16 (Service starts 17 July 2002)
Remittance in any currency (per transfer):2.50 GBP
Currency Rates: First 3 currencies are free, S$138 per currency after the first 3.
Optional WP Guarantee: S$38.00/month plus additional 1% of the transaction amt

WorldPay Pte Ltd.
50 Raffles Place
#08-01, Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623
Tel: 6339 9892

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