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Case Studies

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck

The Challenge:

In late 2010, only months before the Grand Opening, MBS made a last minute decision to have a 50 feet Lighting Mast to be erected on the roof top viewing deck next to their international award winning Infinity swimming pool.
The first challenge was, the initial diamond shape design of the pole which is widest at the middle with a narrow top and narrow bottom will not sit well as there is a very strong wind on the viewing deck.
The second challenge was, that the authorities would not allow a crane or condolla to transport the 500kg ½ tone structure to the rooftop.

The Solution:
With Jason’s 40 over years of hands on experience in design, manufacturing, consulting and installation experience, Jason convinced the chief architect to allow to redesign the lighting mast structure to one with a broad based base and a narrow top.
Jason also ingeniously cut and divided the sizable structure into 8 parts to be transferred to the roof top via the cargo lifts and reassembled them so perfectly that to an untrained eye no one would have even guessed that it is made of 8 individual segments in state of one gigantic structure.