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Flag, Flagpoles and Banners

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Ideal for Sporting Events and Building Dressing

Our flags, indoor & portable flagpoles are ideal if you have a sporting event to promote or you want to dress a city for seasonal festival or celebration.


These temporary/portable flagpoles come with a robust concrete base support and aluminium pole which means that can be easily lift or move from one position to another. Can be rented for days or months, depending on the length of your event.


Instant Branding

The addition flags and of temporary flag poles can really make a difference to an event and are a highly visible way of promoting a city wide event or to build up anticipation as the crowds are walking to a national sporting event. All our portable flag poles are available with a banner arm or rotating arm which means that your flag will be visible even if there is low wind or no wind. 
* Indoor / portable flagpoles
* Sturdy concrete bases
* Aluminium poles 6m or 8m
* Rotating or banner arm available
* Can be rented for a few days or for months 
* Excellent print quality on flags with vibrant images and colours


For further enquiries, please call (65) 64489938 let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to help.